Ambiance Fireplace

In the home that I am living in right now, I do not have the luxury of a real fireplace.  I do have two electric fireplaces that have the look of a fireplace and both give off heat.  One in my kitchen and one in my living room.  Most of the time I just have the fireplace going, without any heat, I love the look, very homey and relaxing, I love to just sit and curl up with a good book.  There is nothing better to come home to on a cold night, then a warm fire, even if it is artificial.

As for my home in the living room, the fire place has to have a mirror over it.  I have always loved that look.  I have a thing for mirrors, but we can talk more about in another blog.  

Above is an example of my sisters fireplace, that she built a mantel around, and put a insert inside.  This is a beautiful look that she pulled off in her country looking apartment.  I can’t even explain in words how cozy her place is, it really takes you away.

In the yard my son-in-law made a beautiful fire pit that we enjoy during the summer.  It’s great to sit outside at night and have a family gathering; roasting marshmallows, making S’mores over the fire with the children. It’s very relaxing to just sit and watch the flames, sparking and crackling at night before turning in for bed.  We also have the deck lit with white lights.  Having the fire pit back further in our yard extends the square footage of our entertaining space in our yard, and it was done very inexpensively, in fact it was one of the first things we did when we moved here. 

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