No Place Like Home

My home has always been where ever I lived at any given time.  Needles to say, I have lived in many places.  Not that, that is a bad thing, I have always made any place that I have lived, a clutter free space to live in.  I always made it look to be very homey and comfortable.

Of course my real “home” to me was always my parents house.  On top of my original 17 years, I lived there for five years in 2007 before I moved to Vermont at the end of 2012.  That was awesome to be back there with my parents after thirty some years.  Caring for them, as they did for me, when I was young.  It was the most rewarding time for me.  It was my way of thanking them for everything that they did for me.  I ended up being closer than ever to both of them.  It was the best move I ever made.

My parent’s home, pictured above, was a ranch style home, the back section was on a hill.  My father ended up digging out the hill and expanding the cellar.  That allowed him to add a family room, master bedroom and bath.  As you can see from the picture, I had my own entrance.  The picture window closest to the door, was the family room and the other window was the bedroom. That is where I lived when I move back.  It was beautiful.   My parents needed my help and I was in a big apartment by myself, my daughter had moved out, so no problem! 



Then after five years, I made a big decision to move to Vermont.  Pictured above was my apartment in Vermont.  I felt guilty leaving my parents after caring for them for five years.  My siblings reassured me that I should go.  I was offered the opportunity of a lifetime, a promotion to the general manager of my own store, I had worked for this company for ten plus years and felt like I deserved this.  That ended up being the worse thing for me to do, because I lost both of my parents, during my five plus years in Vermont.  It broke me into a million pieces.  My mother died suddenly in 2016, and then my father in 2017, I had a hard time moving on, I did not realize in what a state of depression I was in. I made stupid decisions and lost my job, trusting people that I guess I really didn’t know.  In my fifteen plus years, I was an honest and a devoted employee to this company.  What have I done?  I did not realize what I had done and what a bad place I was in, until it was to late.  I should have know, my doctor had told me that I was going through severe depression in May of ’17, but I did not realize how bad it really was, until I lost my job the following month June of ’17.  I should have taken a leave of absence, I had no idea what I was going to do.  One thing I did know, I wanted to go back to New York.  I needed to be with my two daughters and my two grandchildren, as well as my siblings. 



Near the end of June ’17 the closing went through on my daughter and son-in-laws house.  They bought a two family home in a small town in New York.  They ended up needing a tenant and I was looking for a place to live, so the timing couldn’t have worked out any better.  So I moved in August of ‘17, on the first floor.  My Current apartment is featured above.  The flat as they call it here, needed a lot of work.  They had contractors fix a few things, but it is still, to this day, a work in progress.  I have made it look like as homey as I can for now, and the bonus is my grandchildren live upstairs.  My brother moved into my families house, we wanted it to stay in the family.

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